Your trust is our number one goal.

Please go through our FAQs to help you answer any lingering questions you may have about your care at Live Loud Chiropractic and Coaching. As always, you are free to call us at the office to chat about your health and the health of your family! 303-717-6323

We believe families deserve more from their healthcare providers. Our chiropractic care goes above and beyond the standard five-minute fix you’ll get at most clinics. Our new patient appointments are 1 hour and follow-up visits are 30 minutes 

We’re leading a professional evolution, providing next-level healthcare that treats your symptoms as well as educates and empowers you to take your health into your own hands. Our passion for learning means we study the most up-to-date research and pass it on to you.

Doctor appointments can feel like a blur. That’s why we send follow-up emails after your sessions with a recap of your appointment and a detailed overview of your prescribed home care. We love helping our Boulder County neighbors uncover and address the underlying causes of health and wellness issues and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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No, X-rays and referrals are not a requirement to receive care at LIVE LOUD. We do not take routine X-rays in our office, as we don’t deem them necessary for most of our sessions. If X-rays are warranted due to trauma, unexplainable pain, or a problem that doesn’t resolve in a reasonable amount of time, we will refer you to a local imaging center or primary care physician to get an X-ray of the problem area. 

Also, you can see any of our providers without a referral. Please call the office at 303-717-6323 or go online to schedule an appointment HERE.

Yes! Kids are always welcome at LIVE LOUD headquarters. You can bring your babies, toddlers, kids, or teens to any of your appointments! We also offer discounted pediatric add-on sessions where we provide care for your kiddos before or after your appointment.

Your first visit will be a time for your doctor to get to know you and for you to get to know your doctor. Our new patient appointments are scheduled for one hour so there’s plenty of room to relax and talk over all your concerns. Your doctor will get a thorough history to make sure every level of your health is covered and to get to the root of the issues you are experiencing.

There will be a physical exam that includes checking your range of motion, evaluating areas of tenderness or tightness in muscles, and assessing basic movements such as squats and hinges. Ample time is spent on education to make sure you understand what may be going on with your body (or your child’s body). 

Your doctor will then lead you through a variety of treatment options from soft tissue care, chiropractic adjustments, home exercises, and more, providing a thorough explanation to make sure you are comfortable during the entire session. You’ll have home care exercises or rehab to work prescribed to work on between sessions to help keep you out of pain and moving toward your goals. 

Every new patient is offered treatment during this first session. If you’re new to chiropractic, there is no pressure to be adjusted during your visit. You are always in control of the care you receive. To learn more, see our new patient appointment page.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to healthcare. Your treatment plan is 100% personalized. It’s based on what you need to achieve your highest health and adventurous life. Because our sessions are longer and we provide home care so you’re actually correcting the root cause and not just getting a bandaid to relieve your symptoms for a while, we find most patients find relief after just a handful of sessions.

There is no way to predict the costs for your care since each person will require a unique set of sessions to reach their goals. Whether your goal is a natural, pain-free birth or a faster return to fitness after injury, your treatment plan is formulated to get you there in the fewest number of sessions possible. This is why we don’t list prices on our website. We do, however, offer a few packages to help reduce costs for those who want or need multiple sessions to reach their goals.

Our telehealth appointments are similar to in-office appointments. Yes, there is a computer between us and no hands-on care, but they are especially beneficial if you need regular guidance with your prescribed movements or continued coaching toward your goals. You can use telehealth appointments to discuss nutrition, birth plans, exercises, stretches, rehab, and more. A surprising amount can be accomplished without meeting in person! You’ll need a computer, internet, and a large enough space that allows us to see you on the video to review your rehab movements.