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Postpartum Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Recovery

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Postpartum Recovery Requires Patience & Support

Way to go, mama! You did it. Welcome to the postpartum period (or fourth trimester).

No doubt…you’re a new woman. You may even look in the mirror and not recognize your face (or figure) in the reflection. 

Blame lack of sleep. Your swollen uterus. Changing hormones. But in the end….birth is transformational…and requires an adjustment period. 

You’ve gone through so much to have your baby in your arms. Now you’re caring for your newborn, perhaps other children, your tender body (and emotions) while wondering when you’ll look and feel like yourself again. 

Have patience, mama.

The postpartum recovery timeline is unique to your body, health, type of delivery, birth preparation process, and whether or not you’re dealing with any of the following:

➣Baby Blues (Postpartum Depression)

➣Breastfeeding Pain or Difficulty (Latching) 

➣Carpal Tunnel (Wrist Pain)

➣Cesarean Incision 

➣Diastasis Recti

➣Extreme Fatigue


➣Numbness or Tingling

➣Painful Intercourse 

➣Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

➣Perineal Pain

➣Urinary or Fecal Incontinence

➣Uterine Contractions (Afterbirth Pains)

➣Perineal Tearing

If you’re a new mother managing any of these complications or conditions, studies show postpartum chiropractic care can help speed your recovery.

A Single Postpartum Visit at Six Weeks Is Not Enough

The postpartum period (also known as the puerperium) begins with the baby’s birth and is broken up into three phases:

✔︎ Six to 12 hours after delivery
✔︎ Two to six weeks postpartum
✔︎ Up to 6 months after baby’s arrival 

Conventional healthcare calls for a single follow-up appointment at the six-week mark to make sure you’re recovering properly. As postpartum care specialists who work with thousands of women each year, we know one appointment is usually not enough.

 Postpartum care should be ongoing and personalized to help you reach your health, fitness, and (of course) adventure goals. That’s exactly how the LIVE LOUD Mama Movement of Care serves and supports Boulder-area mothers and their growing families.

specialized maternal health and fitness program
Boulder County’s Best Postpartum Chiropractic Specialist
Postpartum Chiropractic Care

Get Support From Boulder County’s Best Postpartum Chiropractic Specialist

We advocate for chiropractic care before conception, through pregnancy, and beyond. But postpartum chiropractic care is especially important.

That’s why our specialized maternal health and fitness program, LIVE LOUD Mama, continues after birth with LIVE LOUD Mama Postpartum Rehabilitation and Recovery.

Our postpartum care experts partner with new mamas like YOU to: 

➣Relieve pain in your back, hips, shoulder, and neck

➣Ensure your nervous system is firing

➣Rebuild your core strength and function

➣Prevent poor posture during feeding and sleeping

➣Reduce your diastasis recti after abdominal muscle separation

➣Manage breastfeeding or latching difficulties

➣Reverse your pelvic floor dysfunction

➣Support your safe return to physical activity

While every mama is unique, the postpartum months (and years) are marked by certain healing milestones. Our exclusive 12-point rehabilitation and recovery protocol (that we teach to other doctors) is safe and effective no matter where you are on your postpartum journey.

I am so thankful for Dr. Nichelle’s help in my postpartum recovery process. I finally went to her 3 months after my first child was born and wish I would have done so sooner. As a long-time athlete, I was extremely frustrated and lost not knowing where to start to heal my body and get back to my old self.  She taught me exercises tailored so specifically to where I was at in my recovery, I was able to get back to the competitive sports that I love and feel human again. Also having never been to a chiropractor before that was an added bonus!  I can’t recommend Dr. Nichelle enough!

—Audrey Olsen // Boulder County, CO

Active Postpartum Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy at LIVE LOUD Lafayette

LIVE LOUD Mama Postpartum Rehabilitation & Recovery was designed to get you back to the adventurous life you were made for AFTER life’s greatest adventure…your baby’s birth.

The postpartum recovery process can be complex. It’s why we encourage you to be patient while also taking an active role in your treatment plan. Chiropractic adjustments alone rarely (if ever) resolve every issue, meaning…we’re in this together. We can’t just fix you

That’s why our doctors emphasize an active physiotherapy component to your recovery that incorporates progressive exercises such as these into your day:

➣Bodyweight Movements

➣Crossbody Activation Techniques

➣Yoga Postures

➣Stretching Routines

➣Foam Roller Moves

➣Theraband Resistance Strengthening

It’s critical you’re guided by a professional on movement mechanics, patterns, and progression. Safely rehabilitating your core, pelvic floor, and other muscles should be gradual with increased intensity only after assessments to determine readiness. 

We see women returning to fitness too early, which ends up delaying recovery in the long run. Postpartum physiotherapy paired with adjustments, massage, dry needling, cupping, and other rehabilitation techniques (all at LIVE LOUD headquarters) gently guides you back to more intense movements, your pre-pregnancy workouts, or training as a professional athlete.

I went to see Dr. Nichelle when I was 10 weeks postpartum with my second baby. After my first was born, I returned to high-intensity workouts too quickly; this time around I wanted to work with someone specializing in postpartum rehab to help me strengthen my core and pelvic floor before returning to exercises I loved.  Dr. Nichelle put together a comprehensive strengthening plan for me – starting with gradual movements that I could manage while caring for my newborn and moving into higher intensity movements. In just a few sessions with Dr. Nichelle, I could see significant improvement in my core strength! I can’t thank her enough for helping me in my postpartum recovery and I highly recommend her to all moms!

-Kelly Currin // Boulder County, CO

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Why Choose LIVE LOUD Mama for Your Postpartum Care?

Here’s what we want for you, mama…

We want you to experience joy in every moment as you bond with your new baby. 

We want you to heal quickly and completely…free from pain, stress, and fear.

We want your family to thrive and pursue adventure, even with a newborn.

Our docs aren’t just chiropractors, they’re women’s health and fitness experts. When you choose LIVE LOUD Mama for your postpartum care, you will enjoy: 

➣A personalized treatment plan tailored to your body, goals, and concerns

➣A partner to walk with you on your postpartum journey

➣Hands-on assessments and treatments to uncover and correct root causes of discomfort

➣Follow-up emails with a clear summary of each postpartum care session

➣Instructional videos with demonstrations of prescribed exercises 

➣Access to a powerful referral network that covers all your medical and lifestyle needs

The postpartum period is one adventure you shouldn’t take alone. Let the LIVE LOUD Mama team be your guide.

I started seeing Dr. Nichelle when I was pregnant with my 2nd and found out she was in a breech presentation. From the moment she started treating me I wished I hadn’t waited so long to get in to see her! Not only did she adjust me and give exercises to help my baby turn, but she also provided me with research-backed information on how to stay healthy during the remainder of my pregnancy and postpartum. She is incredibly knowledgeable and takes time to make sure you understand everything she is doing and any exercises and information she sends you home with. She provides video links of exercises so when you’re home you always have reminders of how to do them safely and effectively. My daughter (who did flip!) has been a patient of Dr. Nichelle’s now, too, on and off since she was born. I feel fortunate to have my family treated by Dr. Nichelle, too! I highly recommend Dr. Nichelle no matter what stage of pregnancy, postpartum, or life you’re at! I’ve only met a few people who really seem like they were born to do what they do, but Dr. Nichelle is one of them. I always feel safe, understood, and empowered in her care. Bonus- it is super easy to book appointments on her website! Such a plus for busy, tired parents.

—Joy Erdman Larkin // Lafayette, CO