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Get Relief From Your Foot Pain Today

Foot pain can affect people of all ages and be a source of great distress, especially if left untreated. The foot is highly complex, so there are many potential causes of foot pain. But you needn’t worry because LIVE LOUD doctors are extensively trained to assess, treat, and rehabilitate the source of your foot discomfort, whatever the cause.

If you are  experiencing foot pain, it can be tempting to try quick-fixes that don’t truly treat the source. These fixes only prolong the problem and have the potential to make the pain or injury even worse. Instead of relying on orthotics, insoles, heel pads, or similar products that are made, marketed, and sold as “fast treatments,” you can count on a personalized treatment plan carefully developed by one of our doctors that’ll aim to reverse the root cause of your foot pain for good.

I first saw Dr. Antonio after trying to get past a foot injury for almost a year. In that time I saw multiple physical therapists, a podiatrist, a chiropractor, as well as some others for a second opinion. The prevailing opinions were bilateral plantar fasciitis and/or tarsal tunnel syndrome, the treatments for which did not get me much closer to getting back to my very active lifestyle.

Dr. Antonio really listened to my whole story, did a thorough evaluation and then showed me there could not be any of the injuries I had been told I had as I was able to jump and run without pain – which I had thought to be impossible but turned out not to be. It still makes me smile when I think of it! He also took the time to answer all the questions I had and to explain what he thought was going on.

Dr. Antonio very quickly had me feeling so much more confident in my feet and what I could do as well as feeling that it would be possible to get back to the things I like to do most. I’ve made so much more progress in the last months than in the whole year before. It is the best thing to have someone this knowledgeable, caring and enthusiastic to help get past an injury. The combination chiropractor-rehab specialist-strength and conditioning coach is awesome to have in one person and I couldn’t recommend Dr. Antonio any higher!

-Annemiek // Lafayette, CO

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Foot Pain?

With seventy-five percent of  Americans experiencing foot pain at some point throughout their life. The foot has twenty-six bones connected by joints that are supported by ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The complexity of the foot makes it one of the most important structures in our body not to mention it is what connects us to the ground and the key to our BIPEDAL movements that separate us from the rest of the animla kingdom!

While the majority of us all use our feet every day we do not really USE our FEET.  We neglect and just assume they are fine and this lack of care or attention is often what leads to minor and major issues down the road.

The majority of interventions currently are rest and try not to use them (Hello how do you get around then?) or surgery…

LIVE LOUD doctors are trained to treat foot pain using progressive alternative methods to get you back to a pain-free life and enjoying the adventurous activities you love!

What Are The Common Causes of Foot Pain?

While an injury to the bone, soft tissue, or nerves within the foot are often the cause of pain, everyday activities like standing and/or walking too long in ill-fitted footwear (especially high-heels) can negatively impact your feet. The other most common causes of foot pain include the following:

  • Arthritis: the inflammation of one or multiple joints
  • Bunions: a bony bump forming at the base of the big toe joint
  • Diabetes: a chronic disease affecting how the body processes glucose
  • Flat Feet: the entire sole of the foot touches the ground when standing
  • Fractures: anything from hairline cracks to complete breaks in the bone
  • Heel Spurs/Calcium Deposits: a bony growth that develops around the heel bone
  • Metatarsalgia: inflammation in the ball of your foot
  • Plantar Fasciitis: inflammation of the thick connective tissue running along the underside of the foot
  • Sports Injuries: occur when engaging in physical activity and exercise
  • Sprains: occurs when the ligaments are suddenly stretched or torn

While some conditions listed above are due to chronic health conditions, the symptoms they cause don’t have to inhibit your everyday life. Regular chiropractic care can reduce pain and inflammation. If you are experiencing chronic symptoms of foot pain due to one or more of these conditions, be sure to make an appointment with one of our specialists at LIVE LOUD. 

What Can You Do For Foot Pain?

To alleviate and treat your foot pain depends heavily on multiple factors including where your pain is based, how it came to be, and how long you’ve been experiencing the pain. A LIVE LOUD Doctor will carefully assess what course of action best suits you and your situation.

Different methods can include but are not limited to, adjusting your posture, learning to equally distribute weight between both feet, and exercises that can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Knowing where your foot pain originates is beneficial to diagnosis and treatment. If you’re unable to pinpoint it yourself, our specialists will assist. You may hear us mention the arch, back, ball, heel, side, or top of your foot. 

Pain is a great signal from your brain letting you know your body needs special attention and care. Take care to not ignore it. Untreated foot pain can snowball and cause further stress on your musculoskeletal system, leading to problems with your ankles, knees, hips, and more. 

Let us help guide you through the best rehab program and guidance that is built towards your needs and goals.  Knowing what to do so that you can properly implement the exercises at home will help you recover and progress faster and better.

As mentioned above the complex nature of the foot and all of the joints involved require a certain amount of mobility and movement and the providers at Live Loud have taken a number of continuing education credits and courses that revolve around extremity care and adjustments.

We pair this with strength training and balance and your foot woes will be a thing of the past.

It does take time and effort, but a stronger foot and a more stable platform for your whole body only has the potential the help the whole eco system!