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As a competitive CrossFit athlete and full-time police officer, my body needs a little extra help sometimes staying happy and healthy. Antonio has been an invaluable resource in helping me not only deal with small injuries and aches but also teaching me to move better and efficiently so that I can learn to avoid those injuries in the future. I highly recommend Antonio to CrossFitters and first responders alike who need a little extra help moving happy and staying healthy!

– Margrith Wolf (Police Officer, National Olympic Lifter & CrossFit Athlete) // Boulder County, CO

Is Your Body Standing In the Way of Your Performance Goals?

When you’re an athlete with targeted fitness and competition goals, you have to think about your body and lifestyle differently. How your muscles, joints, ligaments, bones, and (yes) your brain function determine if you’ll beat your competition and be a champion.

  • Improper technique causes excessive pressure on joints and muscles
  • Poor flexibility leads to a restricted or painful range of motion 
  • Bad sleep habits diminish your muscular function and mental performance
  • Dirty eating triggers inflammation that increases joint pain
  • Neuromuscular dysfunction inhibits brain-body communication

All these and more lead to pain and injury that can set you back from reaching your goals for weeks, months, or even years.

Finally Conquer Your Health and Performance Obstacles

Maybe you know exactly what’s holding you back from getting bigger, faster, and stronger. You’ve worked with other chiropractors, physical therapists, trainers, or coaches but still struggle with overcoming your training, mobility, or mindset issues.

Perhaps you don’t know what’s keeping you from reaching your full potential. A combination of aches, pains, and fear of injury if you increase your max weight or repetitions means you’ve plateaued just steps away from the body results you desire.

Whether you’re a professional training for Olympic qualification or a weekend warrior getting ready for a marathon, LIVE LOUD Athlete’s sports chiropractic strength and conditioning specialists are here to help you reach an athletic caliber you have yet to achieve.

I am a fireman and compete in powerlifting. Both very tough on the body! Dr. Antonio has helped me keep my body healthy and ready to perform. His level of care is second to none! In my past experiences with chiropractic care have been more reactive rather than proactive which is not the case with Dr. Antonio. He gives you the tools and shares his knowledge so you can stay healthy. I came to Dr. Antonio with an injury from years ago that flared back up, a herniated disc in L5. After one session with him, I felt a huge relief! He also provided me with exercises and a plan to fully rehab and strengthen my lower back. I could not have been happier with my experience!

-Danny Deeds(FIreFighter, Father, PowerLifter) // Boulder County, CO

LIVE LOUD Athlete's Game Plan



➣ An extensive movement audit de-codes your mechanics and patterns, revealing your top functional challenges.

➣ A thorough orthopedic evaluation determines which pain and weakness generators are creating your symptoms.

➣ A guided mobility routine identifies specific movement sequences to eliminate pain and boost confidence.

➣ These movements become the foundation of your personalized program.



➣ Using your movement code data, we formulate a targeted strategy to progressively guide you to your training and performance goals.

➣ Specific fitness and nutrition benchmarks are set to track your progress, ensure compliance, and keep you motivated.

➣ Education and mindset form the core of our sessions, empowering you to understand your body’s limits so you can walk the fine line between pain and discomfort while performing well under pressure.

➣ Specialized chiropractic care, strength and conditioning techniques, and soft tissue therapies catalyze the action you take in the gym.



➣ You’ll increase your strength and mobility with progressive, personalized movement patterns that break your body’s boundaries and what you thought possible.

➣ You’ll develop resiliency and confidence through graded exposure to advanced exercise routines.

➣ You’ll understand the philosophy and concepts behind sports mechanics. In this case, knowledge IS power.

➣ You’ll progress faster while preventing recurring pain or injury.

➣ You’ll gain a strategic approach and all the tools you need to set and reach your health, wellness, and performance goals.

Due to the rigors of past jobs, I’ve had numerous aches and pains in my hip and back that have led me to get treated by Antonio. He always gets to the root of the problem and helps educate me to avoid similar issues in the future. As a fellow strength and conditioning professional, I can attest to the breadth of knowledge he possesses. Yet, he continues to evolve and learn his craft. For all these reasons, he is the first call when one of my athletes or I need a tune-up.

-Nick Harris

LIVE LOUD Athlete Sports Chiropractic Services

Depending on the root cause of your pain or performance issues, LIVE LOUD Athlete doctors offer the following targeted services to guide you to peak performance naturally:


➣ Physiotherapy

➣ Preventative Care

➣ Fitness & Personal Training

➣ Lifestyle Education



Rock tape

Dry Needling

Chiropractic Adjustments

➣ Private Coaching

➣ Virtual Telehealth

The extent of Antonio’s scope of practice became evident when months later I injured my foot running.  During these sessions, he added dry needling with electrical stimulation and within a short period of time, I was able to return to almost all the activities I enjoy.
I greatly appreciated the time he dedicated to educating me on what he was going to do and why using illustrations and terminology that was not only easy to understand but also allayed my fears of electrical stimulation.
I am a doctor, I am a patient and I highly recommend Dr. Antonio Gurule from a professional point of view and a patient’s perspective.  Thank you Antonio for helping me maintain my active lifestyle.  I am definitely a patient for life. — Shari Posada


What Are the Benefits of Partnering With LIVE LOUD Athlete Sports Chiropractic?

Research shows chiropractic care is more effective than conventional medicine at preventing and treating muscle strains and other sports-related injuries that take you out of the game.

Our team of doctors partners with you to create targeted health and wellness milestones so you can train harder, break boundaries, and gain an unmatched competitive edge. 

The physiological and psychological benefits of LIVE LOUD Athlete’s specialized training and treatment program include:

➣ Alternative to invasive procedures

➣ Amplify strength and stamina

➣ Correct muscle imbalances

➣ Decrease excessive muscle tension

➣ Enhance performance

➣ Fewer (or no) prescription drugs

➣ Improve the efficacy of the neuromuscular system

➣ Improve balance and coordination

➣ Improve overall bodily function

➣ Increase joint range of motion

➣ Increase blood supply and nutrients to joints

➣ Lower risk of injury

➣ Maximize synovial joint fluid 

➣ Reduce pain

➣ Relieve joint stress

➣ Shorten healing and recovery time

LIVE LOUD’s chiropractic sports specialists are recommended by orthopedic surgeons, pain management specialists, physical therapists, personal trainers, fitness coaches, athletes, weekend warriors, outdoor enthusiasts, and dads from across the Boulder-Denver metro.

Because our sports medicine services go above and beyond standard adjustments, we also partner with athletes from across the nation. Online booking and virtual sessions allow you to control your schedule. 

Dr. Gurule provides great guidance for working through injuries to get to a better level of functioning and strength.

As a Neuroscientist & Physiologist myself, I am always interested in the why’s and the how’s of the body, and Antonio does a great job at educating you about how and why your body works (or doesn’t work) the way you’d like it to, providing detailed analyses of your movements through feedback on videos I send, and suggesting great modifications so I could progress without injuring myself. 

I now have more strength & mobility in my neck (3 herniated cervical discs) and shoulder (multiple previous dislocations), and feeling stronger than I ever have. I would HIGHLY recommend him. He truly cares about his clients, and his deep passion for helping people live and train better is obvious. If you’re looking to feel supported through your strength training journey, Dr. Gurule is the right choice.

– Helena Yardley // Greater Boulder, CO