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Dr. Antonio Gurule has been nothing but amazing to work with! One day, seemingly out of the blue, I woke with my lower back seized up and completely unable to get out of bed. I reached out to my local neighborhood Facebook group for recommendations on a chiropractor who could fit me in last minute, and Dr. Gurule’s name came up over and over again. Dr. Gurule saw my post and immediately reached out to me and coordinated fitting me in that day. I was barely able to get to his office, but I left that appointment walking completely UPRIGHT!

I was so impressed with the variety of treatments I received that first visit. I was fulling expecting to be put on a table, popped and cracked a few times and then sent on my way, but that was NOT the case with Dr. Gurule. We started with different movements and stretches, then moved on to some soft tissue work, cupping, and ended with an adjustment. I was absolutely shocked to see how quickly he was able to get my back feeling better with how severe it was just hours earlier. My proceeding appointments focused on strengthening my core and other weaker areas of my body to prevent an event like this from happening again and to improve my overall function. I have learned so much from my visits with Dr. Gurule, and am forever grateful for how much he has helped me!

-Halley Berry // Lafayette, CO