Family Chiropractic Care

Our family caring for your family.

Beyond Chiropractic. Beyond Life & Fitness Coaching. Multi-Specialty Services for Your Adventurous Life.

At LIVE LOUD, we provide the greater-Boulder community with an array of services that support healthy births, nurture powerful kids, inspire active families, build stronger athletes, and create a greater community impact.

Live Loud Chiropractic is a family-owned and run business. We’re an active, healthy team, and we know what it takes to achieve hard-earned wellness goals and find balance within ourselves. We want to help your family do that, too. 

Whether you’re an expecting mom or living an active adult lifestyle, we’re here to support you with safe, natural, action-based improvements that contribute to a lifetime of health success. 

Our chiropractors, Dr. Nichelle and Dr. Antonio are adventure-hungry and wellness-motivated. They understand the importance of your physical well-being and how that garners healthy emotions and a positive mentality. When the body is in pain, every other aspect of life can falter. Finding comfort through non-invasive, organic solutions is not only effective, but it’s empowering. 

We provide dozens of holistic chiropractic services and techniques that aid in the body’s natural healing process. From prenatal chiropractic care all the way to senior chiropractic care, we’ve got what it takes to rid your pain at the source, strengthen you to reach your next physical goal, or support you with proactive and preventative take-home practices.

Our Patients 

At LIVE LOUD, we offer services for the entire family, no matter what stage of life or what level of injury.

Our patients include:

If you’re suffering from pain or just want to improve your life, our team will help. We’ll provide smart solutions in our clinic, as well as ongoing exercise and nutrition programs to get you healthy and keep you that way. 

I saw Dr. Nichelle toward the end of my pregnancy for a prenatal session and then took my son a week after his birth for an adjustment.


My original intention for taking him was just to check for any birth trauma he may have experienced during labor and delivery. Nichelle asked me how things were going overall and I mentioned having some breastfeeding issues that I was certain was the result of a tongue– and lip-tie but wasn’t able to find an IBCLC to do an in-person consultation because of COVID-19.


Nichelle checked him out and advocated for us to an IBCLC and pediatric dentist. Within the week, I was able to meet with a lactation consultant and then a pediatric dentist who performed his frenectomy. We continued to see Nichelle post-op for my son’s bodywork and we’ve seen so much improvement in his mobility.


I’m so grateful for Nichelle and proud to see my little guy breastfeeding as a direct result of her help. I highly recommend her for your chiropractic care. She’s also an incredible human that’s easy to connect with!


-Kimi Cross // Louisville, CO

Our family chiropractic care solutions

In today’s technology-driven, busy world, making time to explore nature, exercise, and garner a healthy rapport between body, mind, and spirit often gets pushed to the backburner. We don’t want you to let your device, your work, or your stress take over your life. 

Your wellness depends on activity, the great outdoors, healthy food, healthy thought, and a healthy dose of quality me-time. Our family-inspired chiropractic solutions are here to help you find the quality of life you (and your body) deserve. No more pain, no more restrictions. 


Chiropractic Care for Your Family in Boulder

Our chiropractic solutions revolve around the effective, proven methods of restoring and repairing dysfunction found in the spine, joints, and muscles. Offering adjusting techniques with various styles and adjusting tools, we will manage pain by rebuilding function, so the body is balanced, aligned, and out of risk.

We don’t want our patients enduring surgeries that have prolonged downtime and necessitate pain medication; we want you up and running quickly and responsibly. Our chiropractic care will get you there. 



Physiotherapy, or physical therapy, is a safe, efficient way to enhance your chiropractic treatments. Our methods will strengthen the body as they promote proper function and mobility. Whether you’ve been in a car accident, had surgery, or suffer from overuse injuries, our physiotherapy can help. 

Our methods include:

    • Joint mobilization
    • Massage
    • Therapeutic exercise
    • Light therapy
    • Electrical stimulation
    • Nutrition
    • And more 



Patients who visit us with injuries associated with weakening muscles or joints are eager to get their life back. A loss of fine motor skills often makes it difficult to work, exercise, have a family and social life, and more. It’s vital to get those muscles back in action fast, and that’s what our rehabilitation services will do for you. 

Don’t let your injury take one more second away from you; your well-being depends on it. 


Strength Training

We are huge proponent of strength training having seen firsthand how muscle building serves the body.  Our team encourages resistance training that will aid in recovery and get you moving quickly and properly. Having a strong foundation packs a powerful punch, the world is challenging and we aim to prepare you for whatever it throws your way.


Prevention & Maintenance

Being proactive with your health is the best way to ensure your body, mind, and spirit are working symbiotically to support you. Whether you’re a kid, a parent, or a great-grandparent, proper prevention and maintenance is your key to success. 

Chiropractic care and related therapies combined with great nutrition and daily habits encourage strength, longevity, and happiness. If you want to live an active, healthy, adventurous life, LIVE LOUD is just a call away from finding a plan unique to you. Let’s start your wellness journey. 


Dry Needling

When your body is in pain, it’s hard to focus and be present in any situation. Finding a safe, quick remedy is a priority. Dry needling is a proven manual technique that utilizes thin needles inserted into trigger points in the body. Often, our patients experience immediate relief from the pain, as the damaged muscle becomes restored. 



Our doctors are qualified to provide century-old cupping treatments that offer safe, non-invasive relief for discomfort. Cupping works when cups are placed on the skin and suction occurs. The tissues then decompress (the opposite of massage where tissues are compressed) and allow for better circulation. This technique works wonders on active patients who suffer from chronic pain or recurring injuries. 


RockTape or Kinesiology Tape

Taping is a method of pain relief that involves specially created tape to attach to the skin and stretch it in the desired manner. It will drastically help with pain caused by sprains or strains, muscle injuries, pregnancy-related issues, and more. 

Like with cupping, taping decompresses the tissues, allowing oxygen and blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and accelerating the healing of damaged areas. 


Nutritional Coaching

Nothing will help your body like proper nutrition. Teaching nutritional care at a young age is an excellent way to improve your child’s quality of life and how to respect their bodies. Unfortunately, many adults don’t even understand this concept.

Our team offers nutritional coaching for every stage of life so you can learn how to support your wellness goals, generating effective and responsible eating and nutrition habits. We offer guidance regarding supplements that contribute to the body’s function and we’ll determine a program that suits your needs and goals and allows you to live life in the manner you enjoy most. 

What to Expect on Your First Visit With Us

Visiting a chiropractor in Boulder may not be high on your list of things to do, but once you start feeling the benefits, you’ll be so glad you did. 


Your first visit will be a smooth, streamlined process:

  1. Discuss your medical history, current pain points, current lifestyle, health goals
  2. Have a comprehensive, full-body, orthopedic and movement-based exam to determine the cause of your discomfort
  3. Go over a plan that will maximize success and get results as quickly and safely as possible
  4. Start your healing process


Don’t wait another day; life is way too short, and you have way too much to do yet. We’re ready when you are. Call now.

first visit

I had been seeing a chiropractor for 3+ years for my back problems with minimal results/improvements. Finally contacted Antonio. Even during the pandemic and using virtual appointments, I saw incredible improvements within TWO WEEKS!!!! It was amazing to feel not only relief from daily pain but actually feel stronger! Highly recommend – especially for those people with prolonged pain and those that have tried other options without their desired results. 

—Amber S. // Westminster CO

I would absolutely recommend Nichelle to anyone and everyone! My husband is a chiropractor but doesn’t specialize in prenatal care, so when I ended up with unrelenting low back pain during my pregnancy, we were looking for an expert in the field. My husband had shadowed Nichelle and Antonio’s clinics when he was still in chiro school and was 100% confident about sending me to their practices! No hesitation about it! Nichelle is wonderful to be around, and answered a lot of questions I didn’t even realize I had. She is thorough and really personalizes your care. She is also a fountain of knowledge on all things pregnancy- both prenatal and postpartum. Can’t wait to bring in my new little guy for a session with Nichelle. If a mama is reading this and is on the fence about making an apt,  DO IT! Your body will thank you.   


-Morgan L. // Longmont, Colorado

The service provided by Nichelle is above and beyond any expectations I’ve had of a chiropractor. She spends an extended amount of time both talking with you initially and providing treatment. The treatments themselves are exceptional. You leave feeling like a whole new person. She then provides follow-up email summarizing what she did, education provided during the session, and exercises with videos for you to continue at home. The patient care is individualized, thorough, and very holistic. I can’t say enough good things about her.


—Kate D. // Superior CO

I would give Nichelle 10 stars if it was an option! We were referred to Nichelle by a close friend for our little one. I can’t say enough good things about her!

Our little guy hasn’t slept well since he was born. At 9 weeks he also had problems with reflux & colic. We weren’t getting much information from our pediatrician or doctors at the children’s hospital. We were so tired and defeated and just worried about our little guy. We knew there had to be something else going on.

After our first appointment with Nichelle, we already noticed a difference! He went from sleeping in 15-20 minute increments to sleeping up to 4 hours! We saw her a few more times and with each appointment, things continued to improve. Our little one started holding his head up really well and actually enjoying tummy time!

She is ALWAYS so kind and sweet with our little one. She is so gentle with him too! Nichelle noticed he might tongue and lip tie. She referred us to a great lactation consultant. We ended up getting the tie released and it’s been a complete game-changer for us. He’s no longer on reflux medication, he smiles and talks all the time…he even rolled over a few days before he turns 3 months old!

We are SO thankful for Nichelle and the work she’s done with our son. Going to see her is the best decision we made! You can tell how truly passionate she is about chiropractic care and her clients. She genuinely cares. She even showed me how to take care of some pain I was having in my wrist and thumb from holding my son. I highly recommend Nichelle for any of your chiropractic needs. We’ll be back for sure with our next baby!!

Thank you Nichelle for caring about our little guy and for helping him so much!!! You are such a blessing.

-Sabrina Rontanini  // Aurora, CO