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Get Relief From Your Ankle Pain Today

If you’re noticing any swelling, bruising, instability, stiffness, popping, redness, numbness, or tingling in either or both of your ankles, make an appointment to see one of our docs here at LIVE LOUD, located in Lafayette, Colorado.

Ankle pain can be an inhibitor of healthy daily activity. Try to not use pain medication to hide the discomfort in your ankle. As with the majority of pain and injuries medication while affective will mainly just mask your pain levels and give a false sense of progress.

More often than not though you will experience some form of general or pinpoint pain that most likely will accommodate your activities such as walking, running, jumping, or training/working out.

Dr. Antonio Gurule quickly relived my back and ankle pain I had been living with by doing way more than just making adjustments.  He sought to treat the reason my body needed adjusting.  Also, his knowledge of the body enabled him to explain what was going on in a very understandable way.  If anyone is looking for a chiropractor in the area, I highly recommend.

– Jared Kirkpatrick

What Are Common Causes of Ankle Pain?

Ankle pain and injuries can happen when a sudden burst of movement or a change of direction occurs. This most commonly occurs when you trip or fall, but you may also be dealing with one of these conditions:

  • Weakened Arches: your midfoot loses the ability to absorb load which is translated up into the ankle commonly
  • Fractured Bones: can range anywhere from hairline cracks to complete breaks in the bone
  • Strain: the muscles that support the joint can be overloaded or overworked leading to micro-tears or strains
  • Sprains: occurs when ligaments are suddenly stretched or torn
    • Grade One: the ligaments have been stretched past their normal range of motion. Includes mild swelling, stiffness, and discomfort. Walking can be difficult.
    • Grade Two: the ligaments are partially torn, making it painful and difficult to walk or use the limb. Typically accompanied by noticeable swelling, bruising, and moderate pain.
    • Grade Three: the most severe grade of sprain involving the complete tear of the ligaments making it nearly impossible to walk or use the limb. Pain is severe and swelling will be significant.
  • Joint Fixation: when one or more joints are no longer articulating properly due to a number of reasons that can also cause a good amount of pain and discomfort for you

Don’t let your ankle pain keep you from nurturing a stronger lifestyle. Our specialists at LIVE LOUD are always here when accidents strike.

What Can Be Done to Help With Ankle Pain?

The R.I.C.E. method has been in use for years and is outdated. 

One of the most important things you can do for any injury is to initiate some form of movement or strengthening. Now obviously the extent of the injury will dictate and limit what you can do, but if severe enough you will be put in a cast or a boot, and if you are not then you should be moving.




Inflammation Management




If you have sustained an ankle injury it is best to get in ASAP with a Live Loud Injury Specialist so that you can determine the best course of action rather than waiting.

After a proper evaluation, we will be using a number of different soft tissue modalities and rehab strategies to get you recovered and back to LIVING LOUD!

Some of these soft tissue and physiotherapy tools we use are cupping modalities, dry needling, electric stimulation, strengthening and mobility methods, and of course movement!


Chiropractic care can effectively address ankle pain by improving ankle mobility and minimize pain. Manual therapy and adjustments are the best tools for this. But adjustments are just one of the chiropractic-centered therapies we use at LIVE LOUD to treat ankle pain and a range of other conditions. This combined with rehab, mobility, and strength training will give you the best results and faster recovery!

Our docs will always go beyond the adjustment to ensure your return to an adventurous and pain-free lifestyle!

At LIVE LOUD we believe strong individuals lead to stronger communities. Let us support you in your road to recovery and prove ankle pain doesn’t have to become a chronic condition. Whether you’re seeking a routine adjustment or lifestyle coaching, LIVE LOUD can provide for you!