Guiding You to the Adventurous Life You Were Made For


Living limited instead of LOUD is no way to stay fit. Have fun. Raise a family. Or make an impact.

So many with LOUD ambitions fail to make them happen, passing up daily opportunities to seize adventure because they feel unready or, even worse, unworthy. 

We empower you to make healthier choices so you can stop worrying about your family’s well-being and write your own (adventure) story. 

At LIVE LOUD Chiropractic in Lafayette, CO every member of your family can truly thrive, without:

✘ Scheduling and driving to multiple appointments across town 

✘ Sales pitches pushing packages you don’t need

✘ Signing on to long-term commitments you can’t escape

How can we help you choose your own adventure?

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Dr. Nichelle is a knowledgeable, caring and honest medical professional who is an expert in post-partum and pediatric care. I brought my 4-week-old baby to see her after he had a lip and tongue tie restriction procedure. When she worked on him she explained what she was doing throughout the process. She also gave us exercises to do at home and all her exercises are on video which are so helpful! My baby is now looser and is able to drink with less strain and continues to gain weight. I had a c-section and Dr. Nichelle adjusts me as well as gives me tailored exercises to regain my strength and advice on and avoid scar tissue. She also is a mom of three and is empathetic on how hard it is to be a new mom to a newborn — she has been such a great resource and educator. I always look forward to our sessions and I highly recommend making an appointment! -Erin Jarry

highly recommend Live Loud


From little ones in the womb to grandparents enjoying their golden years, our combined specialties and compassionate care mean you’re not alone with your pain or concerns. 

We listen to your goals and fears, guiding you through struggles and pushing you to challenge your limits so you can pursue an active lifestyle. 

Your Family Deserves More Than Ordinary Care so We’re Breaking With Tradition

We believe families deserve more from their healthcare providers.

So LIVE LOUD is all about pushing boundaries.

We’re not breaking the rules, but we’re officially breaking with tradition (normal American Healthcare).  

While most people look to their doctors to make healthcare decisions for them, the LIVE LOUD movement of care empowers you to take your health into your own hands and make informed choices. 

That’s why we start every patient-provider partnership with the question:

What do you want to do to LIVE LOUD and how can we help you make it fun?

We’re leading a profession evolution, bringing you chiropractic beyond the adjustment…offering you a way of life that lights you up!

How would your story change if your healthcare supported you to:

➣Do away with aches and pains once and for all so you can hit the gym to maximize your performance or hit the floor to play with your kiddos.

➣Prepare your body for pregnancy and the birth of your choosing or to carry your toddler on your next hike up the Flatirons.

Rehabilitate after birth with a postpartum physiotherapy plan that gets you up and gently moving so you can get your body back and feel like a powerful supermama.

➣Recover from injury and eliminate the fear of hurting yourself again so you can take that ski trip as a family without rubbing your knees after every run.

➣Give your kids the best chance to meet their milestones with preventative care that keeps their growing bodies aligned and nervous systems firing.

➣Return to fitness or get in the best shape of your life with personal training that combines workouts and nutrition plans unique to your body and healthcare goals.

➣Increase your stamina so you have the natural energy needed for the active, fun-filled, adventurous lifestyle you want to show your kids is possible.

Come in as a family for comprehensive healthcare meant to heal the body, heart, and home.

It’s our family caring for your family to strengthen OUR community.


I recently moved to CO and lost the chiropractor I had been seeing for years. It came at a bad time b/c in 2016 I suffered an accident and was at the point of having to decide to have neck surgery. Antonio evaluated me and the treatments and rehab I had previously. He came up with a new rehab plan which has put me on the path (for the first time in years) to full recovery of my neck and shoulder injuries. Not only is he a great chiropractor, he also has a 360 degree or holistic approach to healing the body. His work out plans – first the gym, now only at home – have been great and I continue to get better and see light at the end of this long rehab tunnel. I can go back to being an avid cyclist, outdoors person, EMT and Search & Rescue responder.

-Jeremy Littman // greater-Boulder, CO

building generational health
Our M.O. is challenging the status quo
Inspiring healthy choices

More About Live Loud...It's a Movement

Our M.O. is challenging the status quo and driving change at every level for a happier, healthier tomorrow for all (What’s yours? Cool! How can we help?).

Inspiring healthy choices that rewrite the story for the next generation and beyond is what gets us UP, pumps us UP, and keeps us fired UP each and every day.

But building generational health (#realwealth) and a happier humanity is a collaborative effort. 

Together we can do more to strengthen our community and (we dare say) change the world.

This movement stands as a model for collaborative healthcare that makes a lasting impact for:

✔︎ Every patient

✔︎ Each family

✔︎ The entire Boulder County community

That’s why thousands of Boulder County families choose to partner with LIVE LOUD Chiropractic in Lafayette….in prevention, first and foremost. And in evaluation, treatment, and restoration of well-being when there’s a problem.

Will you join us?

I have my Master’s degree in Psychology, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, an avid gardener, and I have been dancing since I was 4 y/o. While putting straw mulch on my garden, I “tweaked” my back. It hurt so bad, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to walk back to the house. Antonio talked with me on that Friday and got me in as a new patient within 3 days. At 46 y/o, I worry about not recovering as quickly as I did when I was younger; however, Antonio helped me to really understand what was happening in my body. The first appointment, he gave me exercises to do. He also helped me see how my fear impeded my recovery. He took the time to teach me and help me learn how to strengthen my body as well as listen to when it is telling me something is going awry. Very different than my previous doctor who focused on quick adjustments and hardly talked to me at all. Within a few weeks, I was on the road back to my daily activities (I was worried I would be laid out for months!). Antonio is personable, he really listens and he was spot on with my diagnosis and treatment. I highly recommend him.             -Michelle W.