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Cupping Therapy

An Ancient Therapy For Modern Symptoms

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Immediate relief and lasting benefits for acute and chronic pain management.


Release stress-related negative emotions along with physical toxins. 


Experience a sense of serenity, even euphoria, with symptom relief and systemic cleansing.

Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that has also been practiced in countless other cultures for centuries.

But it’s not only ancient medicine. It’s one of the most effective forms of treatment available today for a broad range of health and wellness concerns. 

The best part is…cupping doesn’t require drugs or surgery!

Whether post-workout, eight months into a difficult pregnancy, or dealing with the aftermath of sitting at a desk for years, almost everyone has pain, stiffness, or tension in their body at some point. 

Conventional methods of dealing with these issues can get expensive or prove completely ineffective. And who wants to take pain relievers every day?

When combined with LIVE LOUD’s other services, cupping can help you recover faster from workouts, reduce stress, get rid of annoying body aches, and even relieve severe chronic pain.

After my first adjustment and cupping therapy, the numbness and tingling in my right calf went away. That was the first time I had felt relief in months. Due to my work with Dr. Antonio, I no longer walk with a limp, the numbness and tingling dissipated in both legs and I have strengthened my muscles. My quality of life has improved and I am able to get down on the floor to play with my daughter as well as hold and carry her with ease without fear of my knees buckling or feeling too weak to support myself.

-Lydia Brogren // Boulder, CO

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

The therapeutic cupping process involves applying a variety of cups, usually made of glass, silicon, or plastic, to the skin and superficial tissues to create suction.  

A vacuum is created within the cup either by heating it or using a valve and pump. This draws the tissue up and into the cup. The cups are either left in place or moved around as a form of massage. 

Cupping creates tissue decompression instead of compression as is the case with a traditional massage. This negative pressure pulls and stretches the connective tissue and muscles, working as far as four inches into the body, separating the tissue layers. 

The opening of the tissue lets toxins and excess fluids drain via the lymphatic system. Blood flow increases, bringing hydration and nutrition to the cells, which promotes rejuvenation of elasticity. 

This results in less muscle tension and the pain relief you seek. 

According to research, cupping works through several functional mechanisms, including stimulating the tissues, creating localized inflammation, breaking down of cellular membranes, and blocking pain receptors in the nervous system.

You’ll be amazed by how it works! 

So whether you are dealing with pain, are looking to detox, or just want to feel better overall…cupping therapy at LIVE LOUD Chiropractic & Coaching may be the all-natural approach you’ve been waiting for.

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy

The benefits of cupping therapy depend on your health and healing challenges. We commonly recommend cupping therapy to individuals who struggle with chronic pain or recurrent injury since it can help to relieve muscle and joint discomfort. 

Due to increased blood circulation and decreased emotional stress, many people also feel more vibrant and energetic throughout the day, along with a variety of other benefits such as these:

  1. RECOVER FASTER FROM EXERCISE: Whether you’re an athlete looking to reclaim your body post-workout or someone who sits at a desk all day and wants to get moving more quickly, cupping therapy can help ease the tension that builds up after physical activity (or lack thereof).
  2. REDUCE MUSCLE STIFFNESS:  Cupping helps to naturally pull toxins and stagnant blood out of your muscles. This can provide relief from muscle tension, tightness, and spasms as well as decrease pain in certain areas, helping you regain a more active lifestyle.
  3. RELIEVE TENSION HEADACHES AND MIGRAINES: Cupping therapy can help treat the intensity and frequency of the pain that comes with headaches. The cupping procedure is often performed along with dry needling or other treatments, which offer additional stress and tension relief.
  4. ALLEVIATE EMOTIONAL STRESS AND ANXIETY OVERTIME:  When you are cupped, there is a release of endogenous opioids. This release reduces the nervous system’s response to pain in addition to reducing stress levels.
  5. REMOVE STAGNATION: When combined with other treatment methods such as chiropractic adjustments and a healthy diet, cupping may help to safely remove waste from the bloodstream through the lymphatic system. This often results in an overall feeling of health and well-being. 

The cupping method used at LIVE LOUD is a safe, effective, and drug-free form of care that can be applied in conjunction with other chiropractic treatments.

I showed up to race Boulder 70.3 from San Francisco. Came in with a really tight low back form travel and started to get worried about the race. Luckily Dr. Antonio fit me in. The office is beautiful with easy parking. His soft tissue release and cupping helped immensely. I walked out of the office ready to rock and roll for race day. I just wish he practiced in SF!

-Nick Cruze

What to Expect from a Cupping Session

Although cupping is gaining in popularity, you may be unfamiliar with the treatment and have some questions. Most first-time cuppers do. Here are answers to common cupping questions we get at LIVE LOUD Chiropractic & Coaching.

How Should You Prepare For A Session?

At LIVE LOUD, cupping is typically administered as part of a larger treatment session, which may include dry needling, massage, stretching, movement, and a chiropractic adjustment. 

For all appointments, we ask you to wear something comfortable enough that it doesn’t interfere with the treatment process and allows you to move freely for evaluation as well as practicing your prescribed movements before you leave the clinic. Specific to cupping, bring a long-sleeve shirt and pants if you want to cover the cupping marks when you leave the office.

What Are Cupping Marks?

You may have seen the bruising cupping causes on the backs, necks, or legs of Olympic athletes and celebrities. The bruising isn’t painful in most cases and is the result of blood being pulled through the layers of the skin based on the amount of suction provided. The bruising usually fades over several days as the old blood is filtered and removed from the body. The goal is not to produce marks, and there is no direct correlation to seeing greater results with deeper or more prominent bruising.

Will Cupping Hurt?

Many people are apprehensive about cupping because they’re afraid it will hurt. We have found that it is generally painless. Depending on your condition and sensitivity to cupping, you may experience mild discomfort during or after your cupping session. 

If you find the cupped areas becoming too sensitive for comfort and want to stop your cupping session early, just let us know. The cups are generally only on for a few minutes while the therapy is being applied and/or when you are moving to improve specific range of motion limitations and pain reduction.

What Can You Expect After Cupping?

The cupping treatment will leave your skin reddish to purple for anywhere between a few hours to a couple days before it returns back to its normal color. You may feel some tenderness in your muscles afterward, but this is temporary as well.

You can and should return to your usual activities after cupping.

How Often Should You Cup?

For some patients, cupping can provide instant relief from pain while others may need a few sessions to notice any difference. For chronic conditions like neck or back pain as well as tension headaches where cupping has been effective in relieving symptoms long-term, benefits may be seen with continued treatments every week, two weeks, or every month.

I found Antonio to be extremely knowledgeable, capable and personable and was thoroughly impressed with his big picture approach. He looks at the whole body and has a multitude of modalities to address the issues. We have done rehabilitative work, dry needling, cupping, and corrective/maintenance exercises in addition to the adjustments. This multi-faceted approach is indeed rare, refreshing and effective! I highly recommend them for folks with any back/neck issues!

-Lea Stenerson // Boulder, CO

Ready to Start Cupping?

If you’re looking for a drug-free and cost-effective treatment to relieve pain, consider adding cupping to your LIVE LOUD individualized treatment plan or as a stand-alone service. Although the bruising may seem off-putting at first, the benefits far outweigh the time it takes to fade.

With continued cupping treatment paired with our other chiropractic beyond-the-adjustment therapies, many people experience lasting relief from chronic conditions like neck or back pain in addition to tension headaches, pregnancy aches, and a whole host of everyday ailments. 

To learn more about how our services utilize cupping as part of our commitment to better health, happier families, and a stronger community, reach out to LIVE LOUD, the very best in chiropractic and coaching in Boulder County, Colorado.