Your Adventurous Life Starts Here


Hey Boulder County Adventurers! Ready for a new kind of healthcare for your family?

If this is your first experience with chiropractic, you might have questions or concerns. 

We totally get it! It’s natural to wonder what will happen or if it’s worth it.

That’s why we make it easy to join the LIVE LOUD family. And after your first appointment, LIVE LOUD headquarters will feel like home.

✔︎ To get started, just follow the New Patient Game Plan below.

✔︎ This website as well as the LIVE LOUD blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram are packed with valuable content meant to educate and empower you to take your health into your own hands and live the adventurous life you were made for (that’s our motto).


Joining the LIVE LOUD Family is Easy

Make an Appointment & Do Paperwork

Pick a time that works for you and fill out forms before you come


Come in for an Assessment & First Treatment

We’ll ask you some questions, take a look at your function, explain our findings, and treat you with an adjustment


Follow Your Treatment Plan & Pursue Adventure

Start your adventure with prescribed at-home rehab and fitness routines paired with the education, inspiration, and relief you’ll get during office visits

Booking Your First LIVE LOUD Chiropractic & Coaching Appointment

  1. When scheduling for the first time, you’ll begin by entering your contact information.
  2. Next, you’ll be prompted to add any family members whose appointments you’ll manage.
  3. Then you’ll create an account using your email. To make it easy, you can also use Facebook, Google, or Twitter to log in.
  4. Inside your personal portal, you can schedule your first appointment.
  5. Enter your credit card information to pay a deposit to complete your booking.
  6. Complete new patient paperwork at the end of the booking. If you don’t have time, use the link in your confirmation email to finish at your convenience.
  7. Come to the office 10-15 minutes before your appointment starts to ensure you find the office and parking.
  8. Wear comfortable/athletic clothing that allows you to move freely and gives the doctor access to your problem areas for proper evaluation. If you’re pregnant, please wear clothing that allows us to access your abdomen.
  9. Voilà…Welcome to the LIVE LOUD Family!

Watch The Video Below If You Are Having Trouble Booking A New Patient Appointment Online

Schedule Your First Appointment Today

If you’d rather call to schedule an appointment, you can contact LIVE LOUD Chiropractic & Coaching headquarters in Lafayette, Colorado at 303-717-6323. 

Dr. Nichelle is exceptional. As a new Mom, I received prenatal chiropractic, postpartum rehab and recovery, and pediatric care for my newborn.

I left each session feeling empowered. Working with her gave me additional confidence through this transition of becoming a Mother. She lent a compassionate ear and really took the time to explain things to me in a way I would understand. She went above and beyond; checking up on our progression after hours, collaborating with other Doctors, sending me videos and personalized recaps of the info we covered in our appointments so I could refer back to it.

Dr. Nichelle had a tender and loving touch when caring for my baby who had both tongue and lip ties and difficult birth. After a few sessions and the healing of her ties, I witnessed a dramatic improvement in my newborn’s overall mood and comfort. She became more giggly and playful… What a gift!

I can’t thank Dr. Nichelle enough for the outstanding care she gave to me and my baby. I tell everyone I can go see her right now!

— Colleen Marland // Boulder, CO