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Stop Your Shoulder Pain Today

The shoulders are intricate systems composed of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves…all working together. If joints are injured, strained, or misaligned, it can hinder not only your ability to go off and adventure but put a stop to simple daily life activities such as brushing your teeth or lifting a glass.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, you know about the discomforts and inconveniences of limited mobility, sore muscles, and decreased activity. But before you go seeking a surgical referral, get the expert opinion of one of our LIVE LOUD doctors.

The LIVE LOUD clinic takes shoulder pain seriously, and we’re dedicated to treating the root cause of your pain while showing you how to prevent further injury. In-depth assessments performed by specialists at our clinic are used to assess the source of your pain before we ever suggest one or more of the all-natural, noninvasive, drug-free methods we offer as treatment. Don’t let shoulder pain inhibit your life!

I went to Antonio with severe shoulder pain.  After a very thorough initial assessment Antonio was able to give me some initial treatment that helped the pain along with RockTape which helped for almost a week.  After a couple of weeks of follow up rehab on my shoulder and RockTape, I was pain free.  Antonio was able to accommodate my schedule and see me  when it was convenient for me.

-Joshua Landwehr // Lafayette, CO

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Shoulder Pain?

There are many areas where pain can originate within the shoulder. Pain is typically found directly in and/or around the shoulder joint, under the shoulder blades, around the shoulder blades, or shows up as a generalized ache when moving or using the joint.

How pain develops and what it feels like depends heavily on how your  shoulder was injured. Direct trauma, overuse, dislocation, or even a bad night’s rest can play a significant role in your pain. 

Although shoulder pain can be common in athletes of all ages and in individuals performing daily repetitive tasks, it is not to be ignored. Chiropractic-centered care for your shoulder can provide much needed relief from your pain by reducing tension, working through range of motion restrictions, and strengthening the whole shoulder complex.

If you’re feeling any stiffness or popping in the joint, try to avoid pushing your muscles and joints past their limits. The body uses pain to let you know when something needs your attention. The sooner you’re able to have the injury assessed by a specialist at LIVE LOUD, the sooner we’ll be able to treat your pain so you are able to return to regular activity.

What Are the Common Causes of Shoulder Pain?

It doesn’t always take a lot to injure your shoulder due to its shallow socket. If left untreated, discomfort can spread and strain muscles in the surrounding area. 

While many of you have been diagnosed in the past with on of the following conditions it is important to note and review that due to the shallow nature of the socket the shoulder complex inherently has more instability and challenges of control when moving and exercising.

We lay down the principle and concept early in any treatment phase because even though you might have one of the following conditions, diagnosis, or pain triggers, many times the treatment is the same…


Strength and Mobility!


Some common reasons for shoulder pain are:

  • Damaged Rotator Cuff
  • Adjacent Neck or Spine Injury
  • Fractured Bone (i.e. Scapula, Clavicle, or the Humerus)(very uncommon)
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis (the inflammation of one or multiple bursae in the shoulder)
  • Frozen Shoulder (painful inflammation of the shoulder joint tissues causing reduced mobility)
  • Sports Injuries

If you’re experiencing one of these conditions or have a past diagnosis that still flares up, you CAN do something about it. You don’t have to live with shoulder pain forever.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Treat Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain can make the simplest of tasks inconvenient, painful, and sometimes impossible. Working around the painful positions or movements if possible will help you recover faster. Addressing the pain as soon as you notice it can help prevent further injury and lead to a quicker recovery. 

If done correctly, stretching can be incredibly beneficial to your shoulder’s musculoskeletal system. While stretching can provide some benefit, due to the high mobility of the shoulder joint, strength training is almost always a better option for your shoulder pain!.

Specialists at LIVE LOUD will be able to create a routine of healthy movement sequences that supports your healing and the improvement of your overall health (beyond the adjustment!)

While many turn to surgery to fix these ailments, it’s rarely necessary. Chiropractic care uses non-invasive methods to help your shoulder heal and recover from what injury may have caused your pain. The thorough assessment and evaluation will provide us guidance for future exercise or technique recommendations that might have been the leading cause of your pain or injury.

Chiropractic care helps work on muscle tightness and restrictions to help you have better control and alignment of the shoulder joint. Routine shoulder care can provide increased flexibility, range of motion, strength, and muscle tone.

We regularly use soft tissue therapy in the LIVE LOUD clinic to aid in any kind of chiropractic adjustment to loosen tight muscles in the affected area. 

Cupping is an effective method for some shoulder pain or injury. If you’ve never been cupped, learn more on our Cupping Services page. 

And dry needling is an effective technique that can specifically target both acute and chronic shoulder pain. The treatment involves the insertion of incredibly thin needles at the area of tension, triggering the muscle to contract which encourages the tension to dissipate.

If your shoulder has been rendered immobile for a length of time due to pain and you’ve noticed diminished strength in that area, be sure to go slow when reintroducing movement and heavy exercise. 

Everybody heals at its own pace. 

LIVE LOUD doctors will determine the best rehabilitation exercises specific for you and get you back to living pain-free!

I do crossfit 4-5 days a week and I also enjoy hiking and yoga. A few months ago I experienced some shoulder pain that was not resolving on its own. I consulted with Dr. Antonio Gurule and within three sessions of adjustments, rock taping and recommended at home exercises, my shoulder issues resolved and my range of motion actually improved.

The extent of Antonio’s scope of practice became evident when months later I injured my foot running. During these sessions he added dry needling with electrical stimulation and within a short period of time I was able to return to almost all the activities I enjoy.

I highly recommend Dr. Antonio Gurule from a professional point of view and a patient’s perspective.  Thank you Antonio for helping me maintain my active lifestyle. I am definitely a patient for life. 

-Shari Posada // Lafayette, CO