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Meet Dr. Nichelle Gurule

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Legend has it a rash and a chance encounter with a chiropractor at two years old was the beginning of Dr. Nichelle’s calling as a prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric chiropractic specialist. 

From across the room, the doctor yelled, “I have to treat that child.”

Next day…no rash!

As a Colorado native, Dr. Nichelle graduated from UC Boulder where, true to character (dressed as Wonder Woman), she met Dr. Antonio.

Together they headed to Palmer College of Chiropractic in California. Dr. Nichelle graduated top of the class as valedictorian, and Dr. Antonio was a close second.

She treated some of the nation’s top professional athletes and the most inspiring Wounded Warrior heroes while becoming a wife and mother (her most treasured titles). 

In these roles, her passion for women’s and family health emerged. She soon opened her own practice caring for Boulder County moms and babies. 

If you’re one of Dr. Nichelle’s patients, you know her fire and compassionate spirit make every appointment an educational and empowering experience. You leave feeling hopeful and inspired, certain you’re a better parent.

When not at LIVE LOUD headquarters, you’ll find Dr. Nichelle in a plank pushing her fitness to the next level. Or on the stage teaching other chiropractors how to uplevel their profession. Or with a toddler on her back hiking, biking, or paddleboarding Boulder’s best outdoor sports and cataloging it on the LIVE LOUD vlog. 



  1. She was named after the actress who played Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the original Star Trek movie. Trekkie Nichelle made history as the first Black woman featured in a major television series. LIVE LOUD Nichelle plans to leave her own legacy by challenging the status quo to create a healthier Boulder County for all.
  2. Christmas starts November 1 for Dr. Nichelle with music, decorations, and the holiday spirit.
  3. You’ll find her fulfilling her bucket list with the Beach Boys on her headphones, as she plans to visit all the islands in Kokomo.
  4. She loves public speaking. On the stage motivating strangers or on the screen teaching courses, Dr. Nichelle is in her element when she’s sharing her wisdom.
  5. Her love of learning is unquenchable. Multiple print titles, a list of audiobooks, an endless queue of podcasts, online courses, and professional certifications….all at once. And always passing on what she learns to you.

I came to visit Nichelle in my third trimester with my first kiddo. I’m a yoga teacher and very active so was trying to stay ahead of any pain. I really appreciated the stretches and exercises Nichelle gave me to do at home to keep me happy between sessions.

I went back to see Nichelle again about a month postpartum. The feeling after just one appointment with her was incredible — like my body that was slowly healing and putting itself back together had gotten a huge boost in fitting together and feeling right.

I recommend Nichelle to all of my friends, especially those who are pregnant. She understands the physiological and psychological issues surrounding pregnancy from a personal as well as health practitioner standpoint. She genuinely cares about her patients and their lives and spending time in her office is like hanging out with a dear friend. I am so grateful to have found Nichelle.

-B. Schnee (Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, Mama) // Lafayette, CO



Chiropractic (Pregnancy, Postpartum, Pediatrics, and Sports)

Prenatal Birth Preparation 

Postpartum Rehabilitation (Special Focus: Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Recovery)

Functional Movement and Mobility

Personal Training (Special Focus: Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness)

Birth Doula



BS in Integrative Physiology &  Psychology

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

Extensive Post-Graduate Training in Prenatal, Postnatal, and Pediatric Chiropractic

Webster Technique Certified

Postpartum Fitness Specialist (PFS)

Birth Doula (DONA International)

Spinning Babies Technique

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

Rocktape FMT I, II, PMT

Meet Dr. Antonio Gurule

Dr. Antonio Gurule

Dr. Antonio is not your average doctor. He’s no ordinary husband, friend, or father either. A man among men with a servant leader’s heart, Dr. Antonio is the personification of what it means to LIVE LOUD at home and for the community at large.   

His extraordinary ability to build relationships and make space for deeper, more meaningful conversations gives him an edge in the clinic, where coaching athletes to break boundaries in their bodies and minds is his specialty.

Born in New Mexico but raised in Colorado from an early, Dr. Antonio’s passion for fitness started in childhood. A series of sports-related injuries in high school landed him in the healthcare system and inspired his desire to do it better. While earning his undergraduate in Integrative Physiology at UC Boulder, and it was here he met Dr. Nichelle at a Halloween Party. You’ll find him throwing around a kettlebell or sipping whiskey in the evenings while editing videos & podcasts.

His drive to impact lives and hack the limits of the human body ultimately led him to a career in healthcare.

Dr. Antonio is all about the ripple effect that results from eliminating pain, getting stronger, and moving better. Whether your goal is to lift your arm above your head, walk again, or scale a mountain with your dog, his therapies and training philosophy optimize function while building resiliency in mind and body so you can make it over YOUR next mountaintop.  

After working hard in the clinic, Dr. Antonio is playing hard and pursuing adventure. A weekend warrior and day trip enthusiast, biking  Boulder’s trails or paddleboarding Macintosh Lake with the Gurule crew in tow is his idea of living loud.



  1. For seven years, he carried a keychain with LIVE LOUD printed on it. While he never thought much of it, when the time came to open a shared clinic with Dr. Nichelle, the faded words seemed to shine and the LIVE LOUD brand was born.
  2. You’ll hear him reliving the fun and sun of his favorite concert (Mile High Music Festival) while jamming at LIVE LOUD headquarters to a curated playlist of OAR, Imagine Dragon, and Trevor Hall.
  3. He spearheads an annual bike ride around Lake Dillon, a next-generation Gurule family tradition, sometimes towing all three Bohden, Taege, and Laomi at once if needed.
  4. Dr. Antonio is a jack of all trades and a master of many. He shares his multifaceted wisdom and interviews the coolest Boulder County adventurers on the weekly Live Loud Life Podcast. Tune in for an episode or get in touch to be a guest.
  5. Despite a life turned up loud, he likes his coffee basic (black with cream). He always has room in his schedule to grab a brew and talk about how a collaboration could make a greater community impact.

I visited Dr. Antonio for lower back pain that was inhibiting my workouts and daily life, a situation I’d been managing on and off for the past 20 years. I had tried yoga and corrective core exercises, but the issue always returned. Antonio addressed my back pain on both the physical level — through corrective exercise, weightlifting technique, soft tissue and chiropractic work — -and, more importantly, the mental level — the unhelpful movement patterns my brain had developed to protect my lower back. 

After 5 sessions, my back pain had completely dissolved and I felt a fluidity of movement I hadn’t felt in years. I was thrilled that I could swing kettlebells or empty the dishwasher with equal ease, and that I wouldn’t have to do core exercises every morning just to make it through the day. Dr. Antonio gets my highest recommendation for professionalism, effectiveness, and truly thoughtful care.

-C. Riccio // Lafayette, CO



Chiropractic (Sports, Low-Back & Shoulder Rehab)

Pain & Injury Assessment

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Coaching

Strength & Personal Training



BS in Integrative Physiology

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Acute & Chronic Management of Low Back Pain and Disc Injuries

Performance Management for Shoulder Injuries and Rotator Cuff Tears

Rocktape FMT I, II, PMT

StrongFirst Level-1 Kettlebell Cert (2021)