Need to Cancel or Reschedule Your Appointment?


Life is unpredictable! 

We make scheduling easy.

Making new appointments, canceling, or rescheduling is ALWAYS done in one, convenient place: ONLINE JANE ACCOUNT 

To cancel or reschedule, please make changes in the online Jane Account at least 24 hours before your appointment OR you will be charged 100% of the booked service. 

No shows will be charged 100% of the service booked.

Cancellations made 24 hours before the appointment start time will not be charged. 

Email, texts, and social media messages do not qualify as a cancellation. Changes can only be made through Your Online Jane Account, create a new account HERE.

When you booked your first appointment, you got an email explaining how to access and set up your profile to schedule and change your appointments as needed. 

If you have any trouble with the online portal, we are more than happy to help and you can reach us at LIVE LOUD Headquarters at 303-717-6323.


Late Policy

If you are more than 10 minutes late, We will do our best to accommodate your session in the allotted scheduled time.

To avoid being late, plan to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment starts. This allows time for stress-free parking, unpacking the kiddos, restroom stops, and any other unforeseen circumstances. 


Why Chiropractic Clinic Cancellation and Late Policies?

LIVE LOUD Chiropractic & Coaching is built on the belief that...Families deserve more from their healthcare providers (it’s our purpose).

When you choose LIVE LOUD, we honor your commitment and investment in your health. The time you schedule is reserved for you and no one else. 

We strongly encourage your active participation and believe ownership is the key to reaching your adventurous life goals. Therefore, being on time, cancelling, or rescheduling is your responsibility.

We understand life happens and do our best to extend grace to all families we serve, but this policy helps ensure we run an efficient and effective practice that meets the needs of our community.

LIVE LOUD often has a waiting list of community members (your neighbors) who need care, including new mamas and babies, so it comes down to being a responsible citizen, respecting their time and the time of your provider.

You may hear us say…thank you for your patience…if we are a little behind.  

Just as you might have questions, your neighbors want answers to their healthcare challenges. We give every opportunity to answer all questions during your visits and will follow up via email to provide a more thorough explanation or answer any question there isn’t time for.

This is just one way we give more while our family cares for your family to strengthen our community (it’s our mission).

Thank you for your understanding. Please call the office at 303-717-6323 if you have any further questions.

Can’t make your next appointment? 

Adjust it now to fit your schedule. 

Go to the Online Portal now.

We can’t wait to see you at LIVE LOUD headquarters!

And thank you for your understanding of our chiropractic clinic policies.

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If you’d rather call to schedule an appointment, you can contact LIVE LOUD Chiropractic & Coaching headquarters in Lafayette, Colorado at 303-717-6323. 

Dr. Nichelle is exceptional. As a new Mom, I received prenatal chiropractic, postpartum rehab and recovery, and pediatric care for my newborn.

I left each session feeling empowered. Working with her gave me additional confidence through this transition of becoming a Mother. She lent a compassionate ear and really took the time to explain things to me in a way I would understand. She went above and beyond; checking up on our progression after hours, collaborating with other Doctors, sending me videos and personalized recaps of the info we covered in our appointments so I could refer back to it.

Dr. Nichelle had a tender and loving touch when caring for my baby who had both tongue and lip ties and difficult birth. After a few sessions and the healing of her ties, I witnessed a dramatic improvement in my newborn’s overall mood and comfort. She became more giggly and playful… What a gift!

I can’t thank Dr. Nichelle enough for the outstanding care she gave to me and my baby. I tell everyone I can go see her right now!

— Colleen Marland // Boulder County, CO




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