Live LOUD Life Podcast Lafayette Colorado

Episode 31

Running Your Pace

With Dr. Antonio


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  • Running Your Own Pace
  • It is good to be observant and excited about the future
  • Do not compare your Chap 2 to someone else Chap 20
  • A little jealously and ego is ok
  • It needs to be motivating and stimulating
  • You need to make it happen, take charge of your life
  • Trying to do everything spreads you too thin, you can’t do all of the things all the time
  • Seasons of Life, the season of life might not be conducive to the goals and aspirations you might have
  • Give and Take, if you want something, something else will be put by the side
  • Your pace might be completely different for you based on your past and maybe injuries
  • Maybe you need a coach to keep you on track and on pace
  • We would love to help you keep on your pace and on track with your goals