A Better Way To Stretch Your Tight Hips

We sit too much.

Our exercise programs are repetitive and boring.

We lack variety and complexity.

The hip is a big ball and socket joint and it needs load, it needs variability, it needs movement.

Hi, my name is Dr. Antonio with Llive Loud Chiropractic and Coaching here in Lafayette, Colorado. And today, we’re going to show you just a spin-off of the basic figure for a hip stretch or pigeon stretch.

But with this particular movement, we’re showing how to make it just a little bit easier, especially if you have really tight hips, and you use the leverage of the wall to help you. This prevents you from having to crank or pull on your leg or your knee, potentially making it a little bit more uncomfortable.


How to Stretch Your Hips Better

  • You are going to start by having both my legs up against the wall, the leg that I am choosing to stretch on, I’m going to bend and I’m going to put it across the other leg
  • I’m going to start to slide the other foot down the wall.
  • You should feel a nice deep stretch in the glutes/butt  Now what’s great here too, is now my foot driving, not driving, but pretty much posting up against the wall, I can just rest here. 
  • Relax and breathe, and sit deeper and deeper into that stretch.

Again, if you push too hard, you’re only going to tense up and make it worse. As that starts to release a little bit more you can slide the foot down deepens the stretch. And you can also play around with very gently leaning into your knee or changing that kind of torque and leverage position to hit different parts of that glute complex or fibers around the hip. Again, we’re looking for holding for anywhere upwards 30 seconds to two minutes depending on how tight you are. And depending on again what you can tolerate as always sliding over. 

What Should You Do After You Stretch?

It is important that after you go through any sort of stretching exercise or program, move afterward, don’t go back and sit down, utilize what you just created by maybe doing some squats, maybe doing some hip hinges, maybe going for a walk or maybe even doing some lunges, but you have to move and you have to show your body what that new range of motion can and should be able to do. 


Keep up the great work and Live LOUD!

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