Fix Your Feet & Improve Mobility With Tall Kneeling Sit

Did you know that it’s estimated that 60% of your propulsion forces off of your foot are coming through your great toe? As we walk and we run we actually need to pronate towards that terminal push-off phase and we should be rolling off of that big toe. 

Many people are lacking big toe or great toe extension, thus leading to a super-stiff joint which could cause issues such as plantar fasciitis, up the chain, knee pain, and comm sometimes commonly even low back and or hip pain.

Now, something to consider is why this happens in the first place. Our sedentary lifestyle of sitting for too long, not moving our feet, and one of the big ones is keeping your feet into very tight restrictive shoes that prevent the toe from moving at all.


Free the Feet!

So we do encourage barefoot walking and a good amount of barefoot training depending on what your environment is and what your lifestyle on how much that allows. 

So the exercise, you’re going to be on your knees, if you need a little bit of pat on your knees, go ahead and do so notice how my tops and my feet are on the ground, I’m actually going to flip that so that my toes are on the ground. And from here, I’m simply going to try to sit back my butt to my heels. 

I want to see if you can sit here for 10 seconds. 

And then we’re going to come up and we’re going to work up to a 20-sec tolerable sit.

Tolerable means, you can be in the position with mild discomfort or irritation while being able to breathe and maintain the positioning

What To Do If You Have Joint Pain or Irritation

Now, if you have any sort of Orthopedic joint restrictions, joint replacements or like that that can make this compromising. As always, reach out to your medical provider, your Chiropractor, your PT or coach to see if this is right for you. 

Something that can help though is if you have a door, or maybe some a suspension trainer or something like a beat a bandage or some that you can hold on to that can help take some of that load off so that you can work into this exercise a little bit more gradually, rather than just dropping all of your weight. Okay, if you do have some knee restrictions, you can sometimes put a pillow or a pad behind your knees and that can take some of that pressure off. But again, we’re looking for working up to 20 seconds of a tolerable said not that any movement especially if you are tight is going to be completely pain free. But that tolerable movement will get better and better the more you do it, we do not want to be creating pain. So take note of that. But this is a fantastic exercise to work on your foot range of motion, which improves your balance which improves your proprioception which will oftentimes have huge carryover to athletic performance or whatever activity you enjoy. 


Keep up the great work and Live LOUD!

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