Why Everyone Needs To Be Doing Goblet Squats

Are you unsure about what squat technique is right for you? Many of you know, squats are really beneficial, but maybe they hurt your hips, your knees or your back. Even though squatting is a fantastic exercise it can be a challenging movement. So I’m going to give you my favorite squat exercise, and why I think everyone should be doing the goblet squat. 

My name is Dr. Antonio with live loud Chiropractic and coaching here in Lafayette, Colorado. And today, we’re reviewing my favorite movement, the goblet squat.

This one movement covers a lot of ground for me, allowing me to hit many different areas of my body.


What is the Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is simply just you holding a weight out in front of your chest, and going through the squat motion. I do not care about depth. But if the depth is one of the things that makes you unbalanced, or maybe it’s more challenging for your knees, your low back, that’s something we want to check but that is not the intention right now. 

What is really beneficial about the goblet squat is when I hold the weight out in front of me, I have shifted my center of mass slightly forward. So that really forces my abdominal wall and my back, which we do want to strengthen our back to help for longevity and reducing chances of injury. It really helps target those areas by just holding the weight. 

And it’s much different than any other form of squatting like front squats or back squats. 

Now one point that I will give is, you need to understand what squat stance is right for you. If you don’t know, feel free to go to our YouTube channel, we have an extensive video that talks about squat stance. But if you’re not sure, it is very helpful to understand what squat stance is right for you. Find a width and a toe angle that works right for you.

Stay Under the kettlebell during the Goblet Squat

  • Hold that weight and pull elbows underneath the weight.
  • Do not let the weight pull you forward when you go down
  • As you go down. I want to make sure I’m staying underneath the weight.
  • Arms pivot forward slightly. Right. I want to make sure I stay under that weight so it’s not pulling me forward. 
  • Forearms stay vertical
  • I want you to think about spreading your hips apart so that your torso can hopefully sit in between. 


Okay, you can structure this into your workout a lot of different ways. But the goblet squat, I feel is one of the things that everyone should be doing and helps you mobilize your joints and helps you get stronger a number of different areas added in, ask questions, reach out to your trainer, your coach and see if this might be a good or the right exercise for you. 


Keep up the great work and Live LOUD!

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