More Tension More Strength

I know you guys are working hard and it’s awesome to see and you’re lifting weights and you’re training and you’re trying to build muscle. Here’s one tip I want to give you when you are lifting that’s going to help you maximize and expand the effort that you’re already putting into your training. 

Hi, my name is Dr. Antonio with Live Loud Chiropractic and Coaching here in Lafayette, Colorado. Today, we’re going to be talking about tension. 


How To Feel Tension

Now, this comes from early training, research, and development. It’s a term called irradiation. So what I want you to do right before we get started is I want you to feel what irradiation is. And most of us have probably experienced this to some capacity. But what I want you to do is I want you to make two fists here with your hands. And I want you to just squeeze your fist as hard as you can. 

Okay, now squeezing your fist as hard as you can, you probably feel a good amount of tension in your forearms and your hands. Right? 

Good. Shake it out. 

Next, what you’re going to do is you’re going to do the exact same thing, the only movement that you’re doing is squeezing your fist. But I want you to start to realize what’s happening here, and maybe even in your back as well. 

Ready 3.2.1… squeeze. 

Ah, did you feel that?

 I felt my abs turn on my lats and a little bit of my back as well. 

Good. Shake it out, shake it out. 

Next, what I want you to do is we’re going to do the exact same thing. But what I want you to focus on now is what happens to your legs and maybe even your butt muscles.

3.2.1.. Squeeze! There it is, you might even be holding your breath a little bit, which is okay, that is the power of irradiation by actually squeezing and creating more tension you can leverage to actually move more weight.

Putting The Pieces Together To Get Stronger

So let’s say I have my weight here in the front rack position like I am going to press it, what you’re going to do right before you lift is you’re going to create this pulse of tension. 

So the hand that’s holding the weight, kettlebell dumbbell, whatever it is, the opposite hand is going to be off to the side a little bit, but you’re going to squeeze both. And in doing so you should feel tension generated in not only your shoulders but hopefully your abs a little bit in your back. And then you should feel hopefully your butt squeeze a little bit. 

So this is going to create a solid platform that your shoulder can then push off of many times. You not getting the full expression of our strength, because as we’re pushing, we’re wobbling platform.

You are creating more tension to move the weight. So let’s just pump it up a little bit so that you can move more weight, expand upon the strength that you’re already presenting with and then hopefully help you get a little bit stronger along the way. 


Keep up the great work and Live LOUD!

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