Live LOUD Life Podcast

Episode 8

Tuning Up With Tune Up Fitness Founder

Guest & Host: Jill Miller

  • Started off with teacher training modules to help people roll out using mobility tools
  • Core dynamics and breath foundational movement patterns that need to be considered
  • Body Tuning: orthopedic medical massage
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Increases in proprioception improve our movement awareness and capabilities
  • Connects you to your body
  • Attempts at self-management for 4-8 weeks but the pain is still present
  • Tune-up balls can mute the pain response
  • Movement patterns might be keeping pain ALIVE
  • Schroth Method for scoliosis
  • Compensation patterns must be addressed after injury or surgery
  • Tuning in to the messages that our body is trying to give us
  • “My body thinks in feels”
  • Be open to receiving the different elements and information data points or body is trying to share with us
  • Movement can help quiet your pain
  • Nauli Kriya- self enema old school way, new school abdominal churning for bowel massage
  • The journey is the process and learning opportunity
  • Challenge: Close your eyes for 1-3 minutes a day feel your weight in your environment (chair, bed, floor)tune into your breath, your heartbeat, start to take note of your organs (my body thinks and feels)

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