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Episode 90

Why you Can’t Follow Through with Your Goals

With Dr. Antonio Gurule


[2:33] Systemizing and automating your life.

[5:17] Focus on a few components of the wellness wheel.

[7:57] Creating clarity of what you actually want.

[10:07] How to formulate systems that work for your season of life.

[12:24] Patient’s first steps.

[14:22] The importance of doing the basics.

[17:01] Gaining clarity on what you want to do.

[19:42] Setting realistic weight loss goals.



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0:00 Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to another episode of The Live Loud life podcast. My name is Antonio, your host of the lives out life podcast. It is January 11, I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas season. Wonderful New Years. And we’re going to it’s a little bit about what we’re going to talk about today. New Year’s and goals and different things like that. But it’s not your standard, how do you set goals and different things like that, but it is going to be some advice around that, because that is something that has been a type of conversation for us with a lot of our patients, a lot of our clients, so on and so forth. And the questions they’ve asked, I think are really important questions, it’s questions that I’ve had myself, and kind of just talking a little bit about what were my goals are and what I’m kind of thinking about, and laying out that kind of thought process, if you will, and see if that’s helpful at all for you. Now, I will preface what I did. My mother in law is a Strength Finders coach. And for those who don’t know, Strength Finders, I think is a wonderful, wonderful evaluation and assessment tool. And it’s one of the many ones out there, you know, the Myers Briggs all those types of things, excuse me. But, um, it gives you it gives you the strength and one of my top strengths was adaptability. And, and I did a previous podcasts about this. And this just came to mind when I said this is how your strength can sometimes be your weakness. And for me, this notion of being it was almost like this pride point of being adaptable, I could roll with anything, and do whatever I want. And you know, be able to, you know, transfer here and there. Which is a which, which is actually a very important thing to be able to do. But I use it as an excuse to not create goals. Let’s just see what happens. Now, there’s some freedom in that. You know, when when you don’t, when you don’t want to be anywhere, you don’t want to go anywhere, you know, it’s not too bad. But as you start wanting to do something, and be somewhere and achieve things, using just your adaptability to figure out your way is not going to get you there. And that was a big deficit for me for many, many years. And to be honest, I didn’t really turn the corner on until just more recently. And, you know, I don’t have like specific metrics on where I’ve been able to get after I’ve kind of made those choices. But I’ve seen a transition over the, over the years, which I think is pretty cool. As far as updates for us, I think this will come out before I’ve been I haven’t been one of my walls, let’s just jump right into it. One of my goals for this first quarter of 2023 is to start to systemize create more processes and try to automate as best as possible. My my life right. And again, something that is not a strong suit for me like creating systems and processes, that is not something I am good at, at all, at all 100% and and again that seeing the limitations of not having those things in place, whether it’s certain things not getting done in our in the business or in clients or patients not saying I’m having more stress and different things like that, as a result of just not having these systems and processes coming down is something I’ve been talking about the email for a while. But again, it’s one of those things I just my mind doesn’t think that way. And it was always a struggle for me to put that down into words the papers on and so forth. And and to be honest, it was what I listened to. I love the ED my lead show for those of you have not listened to that podcast before or any of his content is phenomenal. But he had robbed your drink on their fan. It’s fantasy factory ridiculousness, Rob Dyrdek skater. And it was probably one of the most enlightening and really hit home shows her episodes that I’ve listened to in a long time. And the way he evaluates his life and his time, more importantly, is absolutely phenomenal. And it got me thinking right and it got me thinking of how I can change certain things in my life and how to better system and process, anonymize those so we can or automate some of these things so I can get more out of it. Right because the whole point is that time resource and that is been my biggest struggle and so with that my one of my big goals for this year and again, it’s not I don’t have an I should write as they maybe talk about this is like how many like what do I want to systemize specific and different things, but for me, it’s just taking everything right our business in our life and really just pouring into this and trying to formulate as many systems that we can get down. Because come March, we had baby number four coming in, and I want to have just a little bit more clarity, and not control, but more clarity, and systems and processes around that. So that when we have more things going on, we feel like we’re still kind of maintaining that, that, that momentum in that groove that we have. And I apologize that kind of threw me off on that top process. But but with that is when we’re when we’re talking about these things, and this has come up again, with so many of the patients, as many people are just kind of like, I want to do these things. I don’t maybe have a specific goal. And a lot of this is obviously relates relates to health and fitness. But this could really be anything, right? It’s like we have this direction, I know I want to get over there, I know I want to be able to do these things, more income, more real estate, grow the business, more revenue, improve relationships. But yet, it’s kind of like, you know, times busy, this is going on, and I’m making these excuses up in my head as well, because it’s the same stuff. I’m saying too, with some of these categories, right, we’re looking at this wellness wheel, I’m trying to better fulfill this wellness wheel up in all avenues where I tend to focus on just a few components of that. And just maxing that out. And forgetting there’s a there’s a balanced equilibrium to that. So sometimes you don’t know where to go. And this was prompted were many of us are guilty of doing this right. And, and this is where it hit home to me as I was listening to. We were at church the other day listening to the sermon at Flatiron church, and here in Lafayette. And Ben was talking about how many of us start when we start to implement something new with these new strategies or intentions is things just get out of control. And so bringing this down, it’s like how do we how do we redefine and kind of hone this in right. And so the example we use is like, alright, well, January 1, my wife and I really want to wake up at 530 in the morning. And you know, we’re going to talk about our goals, we’re going to talk about this and want to start doing all these things really just start living this better fulfilled life, right? And then it starts going, Okay, we’ll wake up at 530, that’s before the kids get up with minds will work out. So if that’s the case, want to wake up at 430. And while we’re you know, while we’re at it, we’re gonna work out, that means we’re gonna start eating better, and we’re gonna start eating better, that’s going to cost us a little bit more. So let’s go in and look at our budget, well, okay, we’re a little shorter on our budget to be able to do those things to be able to eat healthier and buy those things. Right, we might have to pick up like a second side hustle or something like that, all of a sudden, it came down to just like, hey, let’s talk about what that next phase looks into. And all sudden just got completely, completely off track. And all of a sudden, you don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore, right? There’s too many things going on. And this is and many of you can attest to this, right? This is that thought process that goes on. And I’m thinking I was just doing this today, and Michael cable did this, and then this can do that. And then if that happens in my thinking 10 steps down the road, when I haven’t even taken that first step. And that adaptability in me. You know, I kind of always lean on that. But I can’t think 10 steps ahead. It’s good to be you know, this is kind of an end game. But you’re putting that cart before the horse oftentimes, right? And, and so a few of the goals that I want you to think about and this is the goal of this conversation, not in general, right? is creating just more clarity of those things that you actually want, right? And in asking them the five of the seven why’s well why What about you know, this? Isn’t this well, why this isn’t this right? So ultimately for me, right, and it’s coming up with four kids, we’ve been grinding and grinding in our business. And it’s done. I feel very proud of what we built and where we’ve been. I definitely feel that it could be further along. There’s different things that we missed along the way that we’ve learned and but ultimately comes down for me is now having four kids, homeschooling, teaching them more about how the world operates and different things like that. They’re still very young. So it’s very superficial level, right? But it’s just that time factor, right? Again, coming back to that time. And in that, like when you keep going down to those wise, that’s that’s it. So like, what would allow me to have the freedom to be able to do that, okay, well, I’m gonna need to be able to be able to generate X amount of revenue to be able to do that I’m gonna need need to be able to carve X amount of time out and strategize and put that in. So we can do that I’m going to I’m going to need to be able to rely on certain support and different things I might need to hire more support to offload some of that time for all those things that we’re doing right and Just coming back down again to the clarity of it off. And with that there’s this fantastic book and I apologize. I should always have I’m gonna look it up here. 10:12 Because I do want to give the right thing here 10:22 like, type Gary Keller, that’s what it is The One Thing by Gary Keller, I apologize, Gary always missing, I’m always missing. But the one thing, right, so the clarity allows you to then boil things down, is the one thing might be that first step, right? While we want to implement X, Y, and Z these things down the road, one step, right, what’s the steps that you can start making to then formulate the systems or the habits that work for you based on your season of life. And as a side note is, this is one thing that you know i constant struggle with, because I am torn between these thought processes of you know, this, this contention of life is I wish I do want to present agree life is amazing. And it’s great, we’re bringing another child into this earth, our family is growing, I’m growing, our relationships are growing. But yet on this other side, so much of what I follow and are trying to learn about is how to 10x right how to get Matt to get more out of life, how to how to how to generate more revenue, how to make more impact, how to create more value to this world, and finding that you know, that equilibrium based on our season of life of how can I push push, push, push, push and do this and then still have take taken and really, really soak in the contention of like, I’m like, I love this life. And I’m super content about it right? With that, right is like that, that 10 next concept is looking at people like will start success leaves clues. And this is why that Rob deer Jack episode was so important to me is just a while I do not have the millions and millions and millions of dollars that he has of just talking about the systems and processes and automations to gain back what that is, and it’s gonna be different for all of you, right, we might not be able to hire a personal assistant. We’re not hiring in personal senses. But yet there’s other roles that I should be hiring to offload so much of the things that I’m doing that’s taking so much of my time and energy away. Okay, so as adopt, so excuse me, apologize. 12:37 So, again, Gomez, that first steps, I’m gonna talk about patient line, his name is Greg. So Greg was coming at me, he’s just coming off of an intensive kind of, I want to get better at running, I want to improve my aerobic capacity, he has some heart conditions within his family. And you know, just you know, I just want to strengthen my heart from like, an aerobic capacity level. And he’s doing a ton of running, which was fantastic. But after a while, he kind of like am kind of getting over it. I do know that strength is important working on some mobility, some stability issues, flexibility, so on and so forth. And he knows it. And he’s had the time because he was running before. But running was easier because he’s like, Oh, well I had to do is like, Okay, well, I don’t think about anything, I’m just gonna go for a run, just go for a run 4030 45 minutes an hour. But now yet, he didn’t really know what to go. He knew he wanted more flexibility, strength. He’s done lifting before but yet, it seemed like this completely vague concept that he just cannot put into like, this is what it needs to be. And this is again, what has happening with so many people is just like, Well, yeah, but then this, this and this, and I don’t know how this fits in. So my conversations with nearly everybody, when they’re when I’m asking about either resolutions or goals are just like, hey, are you planning on changing anything for your health and fitness for this for the turn of the year, is just giving some basic guidance on launch strategic planning to get this done. Right. So it was like, in his case will stay with? It was great. Because like, Okay, well realistically, we’re not running right now. Because you don’t want run because you get kind of burned out from running, which was fine. And you want to be able to do some strength training. Realistically, how many days of the week? Can you get this done? He all he owns his own business. He has two kids, a little bit of property. So a little bit of land with some animals that he’s cats, you know, and as they say we all have the same amount of time. Seasons of like, did take just different things right? And he’s like, I got three, Mike Wonderful. Okay, so let’s start as basic as we can. You’ve done squats before, right? You’ve done deadlifts before you know how to do a push up or benchpress in you know how to do some sort of a row or even a pull up right. And you have some way to undo some carries. Classic Dan John, push pull hinge squat carry, right. I want you to just just do though don’t overcomplicate it with you know different movements. in different things that look cool and look sexy, we’re gonna do the basics. And we’re gonna do the basics well, and we’re gonna challenge ourselves with the basics three times a week. Now he is a, he is a very analytical guy, right? So we talked about, okay, well, you analyze your week on a date on a weekly basis on a daily basis. So when you’re setting up your weak time, block it out, just like you do with your running, right, this is no different than anything else you’re doing, right? It’s just finding that time. And you and I both know, when we’re looking at the one thing or trying to find that clarity, and really boiling it down is, okay, well, if we really just take a minute and do that intentional audit, you will know and find out the majority of the time, what needs to be done, when it can be done, so on and so forth. Now, sometimes, as I was just coaching with Craig, we need an outsider’s perspective, nothing wrong with just a nutrition coach, any sort of coach really just has that kind of outside Coach’s Eye in that that kind of thought process of helping people navigate those things, you might not even know and you could ask your personal trainer, if he’s a good personal trainer and be like, Hey, I’m having I’m having trouble implementing this, it might not even have to do with health and fitness or movement, I have a feeling he’s gonna have some some words of wisdom that might be able to help you. But indicating is like, this is a good time when some sort of coach could be super helpful to just help you navigate to help lay out the plan. And then you can implement the plan based on the the clues that success leaves, and the repeatable processes and systems that work for you. Now, it’s a little bit of trial and error, right? You might try something back and it’s not working, and then you just again, it, you will run through those roadblocks and those speed bumps is just okay, well, now I gotta, I gotta lateralized I got to come over here and I’m going to do it that way, I have to change the time then to do it, so on and so forth. So it really just, again, depends on a number of different factors. But boiling down, right is helping more than anything, is gaining the clarity on those things that you want to do. So I personally, I have not thought I have ideas about what quarter two, three and four look like for this year. But like my sole intention and focus is so that I don’t get overly bogged down is focusing on those systems and processes with still a little bit of the content creation, of trying to produce value because because that boils down to it, right? If we create, we’re creating a system around content generation, how it’s being put up, who’s still going to create that and figure out how our systems working to get that done for us, right? Because we don’t want everything to just shut down as we’re focusing time and attention over there. And again, that’s it’s a pretty broad spectrum mind systems and processes like them, there’s something for everything that we’re doing, right. And we’re starting with the business and you know, there might be a few things that we’re going to have to figure out the width family, whatnot. But realistically, we’re not too concerned about that. Because as the fourth comes, there’s going to be just an adjustment period. And we’re not going to stay super rigid on anything about that. So I hope this was super beneficial for you guys. Again, if you don’t know where to go, success leaves cute clues. If you there’s I guarantee there’s someone in your life right now to who you look up to you respect. In your gym, a family member, a practitioner that you see, that’s doing things already that you want to be able to do, or is living in a way that you want to be living. And all it takes is a question, right? You might have to hire them, you might have to pay for their time, you might have to provide some value to them. But it’s just like, hey, you know, the conversation might simply go, Hey, I really like how you’re doing this, or I’m amazed at the fact that you’re able to do all these things while still doing this. And this is something that I find would be super useful for my life just can’t figure that out. Can we chat about that? Right. And that’s how the patients approach us. Or, you know, we kind of like help prompt it to because we want to encourage people to live out loud life, and they sometimes need a little bit of a boost and encouragement. But, but again, success leaves clues looking for those repeatable processes and systems, finding that clarity and boiling it down to the one thing, right, and then being able to put that into that, that machine and just let it turn. And and again, auditing it. I don’t know what the KPIs would be the key performance indicators. Those would be those would be completely determined by you, but is what you’re doing actually creating results because again, you might have to tweak and change things up. Right. If it’s weight loss, you might just be okay. Well, the only thing I could realistically do right now is work on my diet based on kids work, travel commute, adding a 45 minute workout in everyday just not going to happen. So I’m working on nutrition. Okay, well if you’re doing good then on your nutrition goals, but you’re not hitting your weight loss goals. You got to add something else in you can’t you can you can only make the nutrition right, you’re gonna have to add some other elements in. Even then it might be okay, well, I’m just doing aerobic training, I’m just running on top of eating well, not seeing those weightless call goals yet. Okay, well, you might not actually need to add some resistance training, building up some muscles to help increase your metabolism and just increase your lean body mass, right? Okay, well, I’m not reaching my goals yet. Okay, well, we might actually have to bring in a nutritionist or someone who understands hormones a little bit differently to see if there’s anything that might be throwing off your weight. Either way, just because you didn’t hit that goal, which was an interesting thing, because I heard this today on a different talk is oftentimes they talk about, we expect to hit our goals, right? We set realistic goals, because we want to be able to check it off. But in reality is oftentimes our goals should be larger than that, so that it pulls us. It pulls us in that direction of making these habits and changes. So for instance, this individual, while we started eating better, we started implementing exercises, that exercise included aerobic capacity and strength training, oh, we actually learned that we might have a hormone imbalance, we’re actually able to tack that even though you didn’t hit the maybe the weight loss goal, and then the number on the scale that you want to hit, you made drastic changes within your life that have that will have positive effects, not only today, but years down the road. And maybe in your family itself, because your kids or your family or a brother or sister or a relative was watching and doing and watching the work that you were putting in and then making positive changes yourself, right. So I think that’s a fantastic thing to be able to share with other people. You know, you can share your journey on the world wide web as they call it on social media, blog about it, film about it, and so on and so forth. So, I hope this was helpful for you guys, especially if you don’t know maybe where to go. A few couple thoughts to think about a couple questions to ask yourself to mull around and hopefully provide you a little bit more clarity on that. So thanks for tuning in guys live. Transcribed by