Live LOUD Life Podcast

Episode 13 & 14

Living With Intention

Guest: Ryan DeBell

  • Cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system go hand and hand (think VO2 MAX)
  • Using COVID as a reset (recovery mesocyclone)
  • Walking and running for general health and weight loss
  • Your physical health is one of your greatest assets
  • Compounding habits for long term health
  • Walking is the easiest way to burn more calories
  • Know when it is time to take care of your body
  • Recovery and rest can lead to PRs
  • The more you listen to your body the better you are at listening to your body
  • The only thing you have absolute control over is your own thoughts
  • Think and Grow Rich-Napoleon a Hill
  • The War on Art– Steven Pressfield
  • Educating on best practices for how the body works and operates
  • Does the butt wink matter and what is the optimal stance
  • What is the goal with squatting?
  • Shoulder impingement is just like shoulder impingement
  • Butt winking helps prevent hip impingement
  • Loading end ranges of joints really heavy does not seem to be advantageous
  • Keep as much anatomical range of motion pain free
  • Most movement are not full ranges of motion
  • What is functional training?

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