Live LOUD Life Podcast

Episode 9

Breath Your Essential Health

Guest: Dr. Kevin kirsch DPT

  • When you feel the urge to breath it is due to CO2 build up of oxygen
  • CO2 tolerance is what needs to be controlled and expanded to hold your breath longer
  • Fitness also plays a role of tolerance
  • There is oxygen in our blood and we are not deficient but rather we are noxious to the waste product of CO2
  • Most of us are over breathing
  • Because you cannot take breaths you tend to take more shallow breaths
  • Under developed airways change how much oxygen we can take in
  • Allergens and other toxins influence our breathing and force us to breath through our mouths more
  • We should only

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  • Why nasal breath over mouth breathing?
  • Nasal breathing is your first line of your immune system acting as a filter
  • Nitric Oxide receptors to expand blood vessel and decrease blood pressure, this helps circulate oxygen more appropriately
  • Diaphragm moves more breathing through your nose
  • Burn more fat breathing through your nose
  • Using more oxygen from the onset allows you to go and train for longer periods of time
  • Do you fastest pace with just nose breathing
  • Big ego hit for many of us
  • 4-5 slower nasal only breathing training session for every 1 day of all out mouth breathing
  • What are you training to get out of the event in controlling your Heart Rate
  • Training stimulus or competition
  • Training:
  • Ramp down to control your breathing
  • Add pauses after inhales and exhales
  • Competition super ventilation
  • Inhale and exhale repeatedly fast to buffer fatigue
  • Not as good for training stimulus
  • Not adapting to the stress you are puting on your body
  • Challenge:
  • Breath only through your nose for every minute except for talking or eating
  • Take not of how you feel doing this
  • Try to stifle yawning and sighs
  • This includes some exercise, you will have to slow down

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