Live LOUD Life Podcast

Episode 2

Why Your Not Seeing The Results You Want With Koda CrossFit

Guests: Kevin & Casey With Koda CrossFit

  • The fitness industry has been significantly shaped and altered as a result of CrossFit coming into the space over 10 years prior
  • Much of what we see in the mainstream eye of what fitness is has been influenced by CrossFit
  • Just like in business we see survival of the fittest and the gyms that are doing well are doing well because they have a great product, meaning their coaching is on point and their programming and dialed in for the market they serve
  • Systematic programming is really one of the main differentiators that separate the good and the bad and who is getting hurt or not
  • Scalability is the name of the game = CrossFit is for anyone regardless of previous history or injuries
  • KODA offers a the Koda Quick Start for those that are interested in more one-on-one training options before getting started in group classes
  • Consistency is one of the main factors that holding people back from reaching their goals and potential
  • If we are not consistent we cannot expect to see the results we are looking for
  • Growth mindset, think beyond your current circumstances so that you have something to work towards and strive for
  • Book Recommendation: Mindset By Carol Dweck

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