Live LOUD Life Podcast

Episode 3

Playing With Movement

Guest: Todd Hargrove

  • Return to a natural movement that we can do at anytime anywhere
  • The modern world has a lack of interest in movement or discourages movement
  • We are part of a society where we sit too much based on the interest of our work and jobs
  • Environment and community constraints make it challenging for people to move
  • We are disembodied through our digital world
  • We are feeling the lack of connection, people want to tune in
  • We are trying to magnify and encourage movement
  • What is movement mapping?
  • As we move we have proprioception receptors throughout our body that gives us our body awareness (where we are in space)
  • Chronic pain we see a decrease or lack in our movement mapping skills, we have a fuzzy image of how we move
  • Ex. gymnast has really good mapping skills. They have really good proprioception awareness
  • Improving mapping capabilities can help you get out of your negative feedback loop and reduce chronic pain

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